10 reasons why bald guys are attractive to women


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Guys have been worrying about their thinning hair since Eve first took a bite of that apple – and true enough Adam certainly didn’t rely on a comb-over to enhance his sex appeal but in the 21st century the shaven head is very much in vogue. We need to make a clear distinction here between thinning hair and baldness. Thinning hair or the slow loss of hair is unlikely to get female hormones sitting up and taking notice but a clean smooth shaven head that reflects the male “hair” style of today certainly will is. Take a look at why so many women see the bald head as a magnet:


  1. The Macho factor

For centuries the bald head has symbolised strength, power, and the raw male factor. For a short time it became linked with more evil villains and hoods in folk history and fiction but now that association has faded away as men are able to control hair loss and create great styles. See micro Pigmentation


  1. Maturity and wisdom

Ok for the younger guy the last thing he wants to do is be considered mature like his Dad. No, we are talking here of a more spiritual rather than a physical factor. A man who has shaved his head has taken a leap of faith in his appearance and how he wishes to be seen. That in itself exudes strength of character.


  1. Excess hormones

Not sure if this one is activated by myth that has been passed down the ages or is in fact a trigger that women are wired to pick up naturally, but the fact is one of the reasons for hair loss is an abundance of testosterone and somewhere along the lines there is likely to be a “stir”.


  1. The confident modern male

The theory here is bald men are more confident and women find confident men very sexy. Again this is about a man making a bold statement about appearance and feeling comfortable in their own skin. A man who is not afraid to be himself.


  1. Fashion wise and street wise

As well as making that big statement among his peers the bald guy is also shoulder to shoulder with his peers as he gets into the latest fashion.


  1. Ageless

The bald man can look younger instantly. Thinning hair and hair loss is automatically linked with middle age and old age – plus the fact that grey hair also gives away a man’s age. The bald guy looks younger and consequently younger in spirit.


  1. No more big hair

A recent survey suggested that in a world where men are expected to preen themselves more big hair is not trendy and also looks more feminine.


  1. Clean and tidy

Most women it seems are moved by a man who is well-presented and clean, and the great thing about a bald head is it never gets untidy! No bed-head hair and no sweaty ugly locks after a Sunday morning playing football!


  1. No fussy preening

As much as a woman wants a man to be clean and tidy – there is no need for that fussy preening making sure his hair looks good in the mirror. The last thing a woman wants it seems is a man who takes longer to get ready than she does!


  1. Highlights other assets

The bald head – unlike big hair – does not detract from all the other good assets a man has to offer too!


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