3 Alternatives to Hair Transplants


Whilst hair transplant procedures have becoming increasingly more common for those seeking to address hair loss for the average man such a surgical procedure remains firmly outside of financial possibility. Conversely, even where such cosmetic treatment is affordable, the risks associated with the procedure may appear too intimidating to risk (such as patching, which can create more problems than not having opted for the surgery in the first place). With this in mind we wanted to take a look at a few alternatives for those who may be exploring other options.
  1. Micro Pigmentation
What is it?
Micro Pigmentation is officially known as medical hairline tattooing, with the procedure providing clients with the look of a relativistic, shaved head. Unlike hair transplants and other forms of hair loss treatments micro pigmentation is suitable for all stages of hair loss, as well as all ages, colours and skin types, and involves a relatively painless procedure where varying shades and sizes of micro dots are tattooed over the scalp.
This alternative to hair transplant surgery has been gaining some serious ground within the past few years and today boasts advanced technology capable of offering great results. Check out these client stories for info.
Does it work?
Yes, absolutely. No ifs, no buts, this is a hair transplant alternative that works every time, achieving some pretty impressive results.
  1. Medical treatments for hair loss reduction and growth encouragement
What is it?
Medical treatments such as Minoxodil/Regaine (a cream) and Propecia/Finasteride (a drug which comes in the form of pill) focus upon redressing hormone imbalances and are available from private clinics.
 Does it work?
Different treatments boast differing results and each will vary from person to person; however there is research to suggest that Propecia/Finasteride may be effective for up to one third of people. That said on the whole such treatments are known mostly for their being able to slow hair loss, rather than serving as effective options for growth encouragement. What’s more, and as with all medical treatments, there may be side effects.
As well as this you must also consider the ongoing need for application of creams/ingestion of pills, in addition to the ongoing costs.
  1. Natural remedies for growth encouragement
What is it?
Natural remedies for hair growth encouragement include everything from the relatively believable (such as caffeine based shampoos); onto the rather bizarre (such as concoctions of egg, honey and vodka) right through to the outright outrageous (such as the application of bull sperm!).
Does it work?
The most likely of natural remedies that may work is that of mainstream shampoos and conditioners. You’ve likely seen the shampoo advert that is brought to you directly from Germany… the land of an advanced automotive market and complete efficiency; however it seems that even the most productive nation in the world may struggle with creating a natural hair growth remedy that actually works, particularly as there is little to no positive evidence of this, or any other natural remedy, working at all.
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