3 Main Hair Loss Types


3 Main Hair Loss Types

There are three types of hair loss that both men and women face. In degrees of severity, one is not worse than the others and the treatments for each can vary greatly. The fact remains that hair loss is something that a large percentage of the population is going to have to deal with.

Understanding the types of hair loss will also help you understand the treatments and decide which one is right for you. Hair loss is treatable and there are many successful treatments available that will make you look and feel good again. These are a few of the main hair loss types:


The first type of hair loss is called Androgenetic Alopecia. This is also known as Male or Female Pattern Baldness. Pattern baldness hair loss can be seen on the top parts of the the person’s scalp. A receding hair line is one of the most visible signs of androgentic alopecia in men.


Telogen Effluvium (TE) is commonly related to severe stress levels that cause the hair to suddenly shed. TE can effect both men and women, but women are usually affected by it more due to childbirth, discontinued intake of oral contraceptives or a miscarriage. TE is shown to be a temporary phase of hair loss and the hair will grow back when the person recovers from the stress.


Alopecia Areata is an auto-immune disease that can be experienced as early as childhood for many sufferers. This type of hair loss also effects both men and women. It can be recognizable but patchy hair loss on the scalp. A person suffering with Alopecia Areata could experience severe hair loss which causes all of the hair on the scalp to shed. In more rare cases of Alopecia Areata, the sufferer will experience hair loss all over their body.

If you are suffering from some form of hair loss, consult your physician to determine which type of hair loss you have and what options are available to you. Alopecia treatments are available for all types of hair loss and advancements in these treatments have made them more successful than ever.

Don’t wait around until you lose all of your hair, do something about it today. You don’t have to suffer with hair loss, take action and get treatment as soon as you notice and increase in hair loss or a decrease in the health of your hair. The solutions are easier than you think solutions are easier than you think solutions are easier than you think solutions are easier than you think.

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