4 Mens Hair Myths ! Grey Hair, Haircuts & Hair Growth


At Skalp we’ve heard every type of hair myth you can imagine. Just when we think we’ve heard it all, a new one appears. Hair growth is subject to all manner of legends and mistruths. Some come from ancient remedies. Others from misguided beliefs. And the rest are usually made up but have stuck over time. Below are some of the more common mens hair myths our practitioners regularly hear.


mens hair myths

4 Mens Hair Myths!


1. A cheap haircut is just as good as an expensive one

This myth only applies if you literally have a few hairs on your head and you want to trim them off yourself. Anyone can do that. But on nearly every other occasion, it makes no sense to go cheap or DIY. We all like a bargain but when it comes to your hair there’s a big difference between going Lidl and hitting Waitrose.

When you visit a more expensive barber you are paying for someone with better experience, skills and equipment. There is no way around it. If you want a really good haircut you are going to have to pay for it. Once it’s done you’ll soon see the difference.

2. The more you cut your hair the faster it grows

Even when a mens hair myth makes no sense at all people will believe in it no matter what. This one is like an old wives tale. No matter how often you cut your hair it will not grow any faster.

Our hair is protein fibre and while the bulb producing it is alive, the hair itself isn’t. This means nothing can stimulate it. You could cut your hair every day and it would make no difference. If you can afford it, why not go to the barber weekly to keep your hair looking trim? Everyone looks great after they’ve had a haircut after all.


3. Hair grows a lot faster in the sun

There actually is a small bit of truth about this one. But before you get excited, hear us out. Exposure to the sun will increase Vitamin D levels in the hair. This can lead to hair growing slightly quicker while on holiday. But remember, you are only away for a couple of weeks so the results are minimal.
This doesn’t mean you should expose yourself to dangerous levels of UV rays. Or, not wear a hat if you are losing your hair. Not only can too much sun damage your hair, it will affect the scalp. And always use a sun lotion with a high factor so you skin is protected.

4. Plucking a grey hair makes more grow

This is another one taken out of the old wives greatest hits. It’s believed if you pull out a grey hair, it will spread like wildfire beneath your pores. Before you know it, grey hairs will be sprouting up by the second, making you look 70 when you’re only 35.


Of course it’s nonsense. You hair doesn’t grow like a plant. A hair removed at scalp level doesn’t remove it completely. It will just grow back as one hair, not as several more. Rather than pluck them, you can dye them if you can’t live with the grey. Or if you like the silver look, just go with it as you get older.


If you believed any of these mens hair myths- your not alone. The truth is with so much mixed information about mens hair and hair growth its easy to get confused between the false and facts. We hope this article helped clear a few things up.




mens hair myths grey hair grows faster


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