4 reasons to stay positive if you’re losing your hair


In a world where the media consistently discusses the negatives of losing one’s hair it can be all too easy to feel pretty down about thinning hair and receding hairlines. However, far from being the depressing prospect that many presume that it should be, hair loss can actually offer up some surprising reasons why you should be positive. And here we take a look at just five.

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 1.  The world of hair loss has changed beyond all recognition

Today the world of hair loss is practically unrecognisable as compared to the treatments and products for hair loss of yesteryear. And whilst the industry does still include products that are subject to dubious effectiveness (such as caffeine based shampoos) it seems that cosmetic treatments continue to both advance, and become ever more varied. Amongst which is the option of micropigmentation… which is one of the few, if not the only, cosmetic treatment to produce guaranteed results.

 2.  Hair loss can have a surprising effect upon your love life

Being bald or shaved headed means that you’ll be joining rather illustrious list of seriously eligible men, such as Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, Jason Statham, Billy Zane and Tom Hardy. What’s more it seems that there may just be both scientific and historical evidence to suggest that your love life may just take a turn for the better.

This is down to hair loss being primarily caused by high levels of testosterone, which served as the single most important thing to attracting the opposite sex back in the days where men battled woolly mammoth and strength was the most important element to survival.

So embrace your hair loss… and your newly found manliness.

 3.  Finally addressing your hair loss can be liberating

As with many things in life sometimes the worst thing about an impending event is the worry that we feel before it. And this can be no truer than when applied to the issue of hair loss, particularly as it can be over a prolonged period. To this end finally going in for the shaven headed look can be nothing short of liberating.

 4.  Because being positive will likely stop you from losing your hair!

One of the biggest contributors to balding is stress! This is down to the stress hormone cortisol which, amongst many other effects upon the body, can create the physiological changes within our systems to damage our scalp and hair line.


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