5 Style Tips for Balding Men


close up of thinning hair 5 Style Tips for Balding Men

Four in every ten men in their thirties have to deal with some form of hair loss – so as we always like to espouse – you’re not alone.

Needless to say hair loss is a big physical and also psychological change. It’s an alteration to the way you look and present yourself to the world. However, your style doesn’t have to suffer.

We recommend our scalp micropigmentation treatment for anyone undergoing hair loss. Our treatment results in you having the close shaven look – something that a lot of men enjoy whether they’ve hair or not. Either way, how do you dress and style yourself for something that in a lot of ways is an aesthetic change? Well, here’s what to consider.

 Buzz Cut

Our scalp micropigmentation hair loss procedure utilises what’s essentially a very detailed hair tattoo to create a buzz cut or shaved head look. A lot of men love it and swear by it as our testimonials show.

Alternatively, if you’re only beginning to lose your hair, perhaps you may wish to buzz down with your own clippers. It’s a look that is completely culturally acceptable and tends to look masculine, clean and attractive. For a lot of men it seems like a bit of a step, but the moment they do it they realise that it’s a very positive thing and that they have plenty of self-confidence.

Skin Tone

Choosing new clothes and accessories that fit with your skin tone and complement your eye colour is a great idea. People with little or no hair have a skin tone and eye colour that’s more prominent, simply because hair isn’t as much of a distraction.

Clothing that matches eye colour will help bring them out, while contrasting colours are great for complementing skin tone. If you have pale skin then darker and warmer colours are a good idea, while if you have darker skin then lighter ones look great.

Facial Hair

This is a very personal thing, but you may want to experiment with facial hair – it’s completely up to you. Facial hair can be a great way to create different looks and helps create contrast around the head area.

You probably have some idea of the sort of facial hair that suits you, but experimentation is often the best way to truly know. The great thing about facial hair is that if it doesn’t look right you can just shave it off and begin again.


Framing your head is important if you’re losing hair or bald. Collars for example help frame your face and dare we say it, even turtle necks can be a good idea. Square glasses or edged frames are also worth considering as they tend to contrast the circular shape of the head and create a more masculine look.


Never let a hat become a necessity, however do experiment with them – they can make a big difference to your style. Sunglasses, watches and simple clothing accessories can help create a more interesting look.

Bald men have so much opportunity to create a stylish and exciting look that is visually appealing and allows them to embrace this change for the better.

If you’re interested in our scalp micropigmentation procedure then we’d be happy to hear from you.

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