5 Tips for a Better Shaved Head


However it is also a cut that may be misleadingly thought of super easy to create and maintain which, as any shaved headed man knows, may be far from the case. So here we take a look at the ways in which bumps, cuts and bald patches can be overcome and the shaved head look can truly be perfected.

  1. Start with a few good practice tips

When shaving be sure to:

  1. Don’t neglect the health of your scalp

Don’t underestimate the care that your scalp needs. Although this needn’t be a time consuming process, it does require that you pay attention to how oily or dry your scalp may be. Products to treat a dry scalp include:

With products for the oily scalp including:

  1. Consider seeking expert treatment to address any imperfections

If your shaved head features bald patches then there are a range of treatments and products that you can try to stimulate hair growth, with each being subject to varying degrees of effectiveness. However one tried and tested method that always succeed is that of micropigmentation, where the scalp is effectively tattooed with varying shades and sizes of micro dots to create the look of a perfectly shaved head.

  1. Struggling to master your shaving technique – Seek professional advice

If you struggle to get your shaving technique just right and always end up with nicks and uneven patches then a trip to the barber may be in order. They can provide you with some practical tips for shaving your head and can point out any areas where more care or certain techniques may be needed.

  1. Be sure to undertake the right aftercare for your freshly shaved head

Following shaving be sure to:



At Skalp we believe in the art of shaved headed perfection. Our micropigmentation treatments are delivered by experts and empowered with industry leading equipment. So talk with our team today about how we can create your perfect shaved head look.

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