5 top baseball players waving the bald flag!


Everybody is raving about the trendy bald fashion for guys and it’s not only Hollywood celebrities who are parting with their long luscious locks to be in vogue. Well-known and famous names on American sports fields have also gone bald. One place where the shaven head really comes into its own is on the baseball field. Here are ten famous ballers (as they are known in the US):

Albert Pujols


This guy is considered one of the greatest hitters of the last 20 years. Originally born in the Dominican Republic, Albert moved to the US in 1996 and is now first baseman for the Los Angeles Angels. He often takes good hearted ribbing for his bald head (i.e. the guy with the shiniest head in the game! And watch it pitchers – you don’t want to get blinded by albert’s bald pate!)

Raul Ibanez


Raul Ibanez is one of those players whose name will go down in history in baseball journals. In his professional baseball career, he was a left fielder and designated hitter. An all-star in 2009 he managed to win the player of the week award 5 times. That bald head also brings some wry comments as he reaches the autumn of his career – it reminds his fans of Yoda – the wise one(!).

Kevin Youkillis


Kevin’s bald pate is lovingly referred to as “Big Youk’s Chrome Dome” by his Red Sox fans. He is especially respected for his ability to get on base and once held baseball’s record for most consecutive errorless games at first base.

Clint Barmes


Cliff Harold Barmes plays shortstop for the San Diego Padres in major Baseball league. He has also played for the Colorado Rookies and the Houston Astros. His fans joke that “you will be reminded of the Rocky Mountains if you get a glimpse of his bald pate.” Or “Handling shortstop means he’d be bouncing around the infield like a cue ball if not for his hat” And the fact is, you rarely do see a baseball player without his hit when out on the field!

Brett Myers


Brett is one of the greatest baseball pitchers.  He played in Major League Baseball for the Philadelphia Phillies, Houston Astros, Chicago White Sox, and Cleveland Indians. He was a world series champion with the Philidelphia Philies in 2008.

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