5 ways to manage hair loss from Scalp Micro Pigmentation


Here at Skalp® we care about your hair. Being a service which fundamentally makes you look great bald, it may seem a little bit of a paradox that we are always harping on about the best way to look after your hair. Well, the fact is our primary aim is to do best by our customers and ensure that even though we can boost presentation and styling –it also has to be just right for you.

Skalp® are leaders in Micro Pigmentation in the UK and now with clinics worldwide, our trained practitioners will guide you through that journey. Sometimes it takes a little bit of a leap of faith and we are going to be there to keep you informed all the way.

A solution for thinning hair

Ultimately Micro Pigmentation is a solution for thinning hair and hair loss. It is a very powerful by-product that it not only makes a huge fashion statement but feedback also shows it can have a really positive effect on confidence and self-esteem. But is it the right treatment for you?

There are many different types of hair loss which is suffered at all ages and by all genders. In the majority of cases it is hereditary or it is an illness which cannot be reversed. However in the high stress times of the 21st century there are definitely things you can do to boost your hair growth.

  1. Try to keep away from exposing your head to the sun too much. Over exposure can damage the scalp and hair follicles stop hair growth.
  2. It is well known that cigarettes have damaging effects on the body – what is often missed is they are also bad for hair growth.
  3. If dandruff is not managed properly with an effective shampoo it could lead to hair loss in the future.
  4. Our bodies need good balanced nutrition and our hair is no different. You could be suffering from hair loss because you are just not putting in the right vitamins to boost hair growth.
  5. Caffeine can boost hair growth. It stimulates the hair shaft and blocks the effects of DHT which damages hair follicles.
  6. Stress causes hair loss. We cannot get away from stress entirely in our lives but we can learn how to manage it better. Think about such activities, as counselling, meditation, relaxation techniques and healthy exercise if it is a problem for you.

This is in no way an exhaustive list but the point here is we want our clients to have tried the immediate techniques out there first of all – and there is nothing better than getting a visit with your GP to find out what the prognosis is on your thinning hair condition.


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