7 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Suffered From Mental Health – Men’s Mental Health Awareness Month


Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and at Skalp we are keen to encourage men to share their emotions and mental stresses with those close to them or with trained professionals. Stress affects not only your mind but also your physical health. Hair loss is also one of the most common after effects of experiencing high levels of stress.


It is estimated one in eight men (12.5%) are diagnosed with a form of mental illness. 75% of suicides in the UK are also male. These may be horrible statistics but by talking openly about we can soon bring them down. Celebrities are not immune either to mental illness either. Our list below shows some who have been brave enough to talk about it publicly to share their problems.



Prince Harry


Prince Harry Depression - Mental Health Awareness Month


Harry may have recently married Meghan (now the Duchess of Sussex) but he has also been open about his past issues. He spoke about the difficulties he faced overcoming the death of his mother Princess Diana when he was only 13. It is something he regrets not talking about sooner, saying it is OK to suffer as long as you share it.


Stephen Fry


StepheN Fry Mental Health Awareness Month



Many see the actor and writer as one of the brightest brains in Britain. But that hasn’t stopped him from suffering with depression. Fry has a bipolar disorder and currently serves as the president of mental health charity Mind. He regularly encourages men to stand up and not to be ashamed of themselves. He says they can realise they are just like everyone else but just with something extra.


Jim Carrey


Jim Carey Depression Mental Health Awareness Month


Depression is a common disorder many comedians battle to overcome and many use their humour as an escape. Carrey is no different in that respect. He admitted he was on Prozac for many years during the 90s at the height of his fame. He eventually stopped taking the drug and learned to strike the right balance in life to deal with ups and downs he experienced.


Zayn Malik


zany Malik Anxiety mental health awareness month



Being part of one of the biggest boy bands in recent memory doesn’t mean you are immune to mental health issues. Malik has performed in front of thousands of people for many years. Yet, he still struggles to overcome anxiety at times which has seen him cancel shows as a solo artist. Rather than hide the truth he was brave enough to tell his fans about the difficulties he faced.


Dwayne Johnson


dwayne johnson depression the rock mental health


The Rock is the epitome of macho but the actor openly revealed his experience with depression on Oprah Winfrey’s “Master Class” show. He recalled how he learned that he wasn’t alone during the darker periods. Johnson was eager to tell others to spread Mental Health Awareness so that they can make it through their pain to enjoy their life once again.





Stormy mental health awarenress month


The rapper has come into his own in the past 12 months and has become the face of grime music for many. In a 2017 interview with Channel 4 news he spoke about his depression and that he learned just how fragile we all are as humans. It was a brave move from someone entrenched in a rap culture full of bravado.


David Beckham


David Beckham OCD


Back in 2006 Beckham admitted that he continues to manage his obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). When away with Man Utd or Real Madrid he would spend a lot of time rearranging his hotel rooms. He wanted to make everything look perfect before he could relax and still struggles with it today.


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