7 of the essential foods for great hair care


Young adult bold man sitting at the dinner table with fork and knife raised.

No need to start some boring old diet here – this is about being aware of which foods are giving you the nutrients which keep your strong and actually fight hair loss:

  1. Brown Rice: Rice is a staple side for so many exotic meals. But brown rice is head and shoulders above long-grain or basmati which is the white rice we normally tend to consume. It takes a little more time to prepare but the taste is good and the main thing is it is rich in Vitamin B which is essential for strong hair.
  1. Bananas: Fruit is the key to any great diet, but usually bananas may be frowned upon because they do have a high calorie value. The top vitamin here is vitamin B6. Scientists have found that the lack of this vitamin can be contributory factor to hair loss and thinning hair. Not only that but because it has an effect on the production of red blood cells vitamin B6 can strengthen hair follicles too.
  1. Chicken: Protein is fundamentally essential for your body. It can be found in meat of course as well as pulses, dairy and soya. Chicken and turkey are particularly effective because they are also a source of iron which is good for the maintenance of hair follicles.
  1. Fish Omega 3 has become very well known as a brain food and if you have been eating a lot of it you will already know already that it can help to slow the progress of hair loss (!). But that is not all fish contains. It is a rich source of iron (as in poultry) and vitamin B12 – both essential for healthy shiny hair.
  1. Dairy Yoghurt may seem a bit insipid but it does in fact contain a subset of the protein group called casein which is great for both hair growth and strength.
  1. Beef Don’t worry – you don’t have to be living off chicken all week. Most meats are superb for hair-care and beef, because it has a high resource of zinc which, because of its antioxidant properties plays its part in healthy hair maintenance.
  1. Carrots So while you are improving your night vision you can also look after your hair at the same time. OK, so carrots don’t really help vision at all really – that’s just an old wives’ tale – but vitamin A is great for conditioning your hair, maintaining natural oils and keeping the scalp in good condition.


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