Avoiding Hair Loss Anxiety – How To Stay Carefree This Summer


5 Ways To Avoid Hair loss Anxiety This Summer

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Most men dealing with hair loss struggle to cope with the stress it adds to their lives. This increases during the summer when an emphasis is placed on how you look out in the sun. It can create hair loss anxiety which also leads to low self-esteem, insecurity and depression. Men’s personal and professional lives also suffer as a result.


So what can you do to avoid hair loss anxiety this summer? Read our suggestions below to help regain your confidence and enjoy the best time of the year without added stress about your looks.

1. Eat well

Many don’t associate what we eat with the state of our hair, but there is a direct link between the two. A good mixture of nutrients and vitamins will also keep your hair in good condition. If you are worried about losing your hair, eating well will keep it strong and resistant to breakage.


A rounded diet will not only benefit your hair but keep your entire system in good shape. It will leave you feeling good and at the very least you will know you are doing all you can to lessen the potential loss of hair.

2. Exercise regularly

Exercise not only improves how your body looks but encourages a positive state of mind. A healthy mind and body gives you more confidence about your physicality and towards life in general. Exercise is also a fantastic way of reducing stress and improving your mental health.


Combined with a good diet you will soon shed any extra pounds you may have too. When you look and feel good you can enjoy the sun and more exposure to ultraviolet light helps us release more endorphins to enjoy life even more.

3. Don’t over-style your hair

Our hair today is subject to more chemicals than ever before. When you add in regular blow-drying or use of curling irons then damage often occurs. Too much exposure to this treatment invariably means hair can become brittle and prone to breakage.


Milder shampoos and moisturising conditioners are a good way to treat your hair a little easier. If possible, try not to over-use products and drying out hair with excessive blow drying.

4. Sleep well

Getting a good night’s rest benefits our mind and body in so many ways. If you are dealing with hair loss anxiety getting at least 7-8 hours’ sleep a night will do wonders. More sleep improves your mood and energy levels throughout the day, reducing stress in the process.


Avoid using your mobile in bed before sleep and allow some time for your mind to wind down to prepare for rest. The blue-and-white light given off by mobiles tricks our bodies into thinking it is still daytime, disrupting sleep and increasing anxiety.

5. Scalp micropigmentation

Sleep well, eat healthily, exercise regularly and don’t dry out your hair too regularly. Do all of these and book in a scalp micropigmentation consultation to see how it can help change your life. It’s the perfect long-term solution to hair loss anxiety, so you are carefree all year round.


This simple hair tattoo creates a brand new hairline and is colour matched to blend in seamlessly. Hair SMP is cheaper and far more effective than a hair transplant. There really is no better way to reduce stress linked to hair loss.


Scalp micro pigmentation prevent male pattern baldness

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