B is for Bollywood and Bald (apparently)


 Salman-Khan-Bald bollywood star

Bald celebrities have become a big wow in the west.  For a long time now the shinning bald pate has been fashionable cool and sexy. Think Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Patrick Stewart, and Samuel L. Jackson to name but a few. Some have needed to crop their locks for film roles, some just want to look trendy and some have taken on the bald mantle in order to beat thinning hair, greying hair or alopecia. But strangely enough – look further than the west, and the love for the sexy bald looks hasn’t been around for quite so long.

In India for a long time there are definitely mixed feelings about the wonders of going bald. But it seems the Bollywood audience is warming to the hairless head just like its bigger cousin in America. So why so slow on the uptake? It could be a lot to do with how the bald man used to be portrayed in Bollywood films in its early days. The bald pate in early cinema was used a symbol of the villain of the piece.

Shiny headed villains

Many Bollywood devotees will remember Kulbhushan’s   eccentric villain Shakaal or Muthu playing the menacing Roshi Mahanta.  Yes, all very nasty.  At the time directors used the idea of a bald head to intensify characters wickedness. But how things are changing aren’t they?

As west integrates more with the east and cultures and boundaries are blurred the beauty of the bald head is being seen in totally different ways. Bollywood, in hanging onto the tails of Hollywood, now has to present the bald man in a new light. This is simply because culture across the globe sees bald man in a positive way. Now we are beginning to see bald heroes who don’t necessarily have to be mean like Telly Savalas. The old idea that bald men are always angry anarchists is now long and buried.

Enter the bald hero

However, the same ideals are slow to be reaching the actors themselves. There are still cringe-worthy trials at wearing wigs and toupe’s and the traditional attempts at hair transplants when greying hair, thining hair and alopecia sets in.  Those fears of going bald are still there.

Take famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan for instance. At the end of last year he spoke openly about his hair loss and receding hair and it seemed the idea of shaving it all off was very far from his mind. However the message did sink in with Khan by accident.  Apparently one day when he was feeling a little bit off-colour he decided to shave off his hair. His father appeared and his heart sank as he expected him to be detrimental. However his father showed him a big thumbs up and Salman began to realise he had hit on something very important!

So watch this pace it may not be too long until we have a micro-pigmentation clinic in the heart of Bollywood!

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