Bald head – bald chest?




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Bald head – bald chest?

While the trend for the shaven head is very much in fashion for guys, there is one type of baldness that has gone in and out of fashion over the years – and that is the bald chest. Do women prefer a hairy chest like a jungle or a smooth bald chest? Well, as far as preferences go the jury is still out – after all fashion should never get in the way of our feelings – fashion should follow the general feeling of the public.

A macho statement

What is in vogue for the chest has changed many times over the years. I can remember when I was a pubescent teen (and I am now in my fifties) that a real sign of a macho man was a hairy chest. So I was quite depressed to find when I was about 15 that even though my chin was joining the adult world – my chest stubbornly remained as bald as a billiard ball

So I found out that if you shave your chest (even when there is nothing growing there at all) it actually promotes growth of hair. So I spent ages in front of the mirror shaving hoping I would see more buds of my manhood.

The hairy chest was definitely reflected in the big celebrities of the time

The sixties was a time when Hollywood was helping to loosen society’s obsession with Victorian values and the likes of Ursuala Andress and Sean Connery were bringing a new steamy sexuality to our screens while cavorting on white beaches in James Bond’s Dr No. Ursualla Andress rising out of the waters in a bikini is still an iconic scene 50 years on and at the same time Connery’s hairy chest reflected everything that was considered macho at the time.

But things have really changed

Now it seems the fashion is for men to be smooth and shaven. Almost as if they have waxed their whole bodies (Ouch!) this is reflected in the fact that the current James bond – Daniel Craig – is for many women a hairless wonder.

In other areas of hair fashion baldness is seen as a symbol of toughness and confidence and uncluttered strength. For instance, even though the beard tends to go in and out of fashion, it has never really been a fashionable statement – though designer stubble which saw a rise to fame in the early 1980’s and it still continues to make a good impression in the fashion world. The moustache however is definitely out. It had a short blaze of glory in the seventies with Canon, Jason King and Magnum but now it is only brought back as a joke nowadays or for the Movember charity event.

The latest news seems to be the hairy chest is trying to make a comeback. Well, I’ll welcome that as the five hairs I managed to nurture when I was 15 are now pretty robust…

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