A young American man, who suffers from alopecia, unfortunately he lost all his head and body hair by the age of 18. A doctor at Yale University realised that as he had lost all his hair by an autoimmune disease, that maybe he could try a drug treatment for another autoimmune disorder. The young American was given Xeljanz; this drug is used on patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Unbelievably in 8 months the American had a full head of hair, including hair on his body. The dermatologist Dr Brett King was amazed and overjoyed.

Dr King is very cautious for the rest of the 6.5 million other sufferers in the USA of alopecia, but plans to try this drug on more patients soon.

The down side (as there is with all drugs) is the side effects; it can cause tuberculosis, and can increase the risk of cancer. (No thanks I will stick with scalp micro pigmentation.)

Sadly this drug does not work for male pattern baldness as alopecia is caused by the immune system breaking down. At this stage its not clear if someone would have to take Xeljanz for life. The young American taking the drug actually continues to take it for his psoriasis, which is a painful skin condition.

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Yale man regrows hair



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