Balding politicians in the land of the bald eagle!


Balding politicians in the land of the bald eagle!

Baldness is all around us in modern society. On one hand it has definitely been accepted as a cool fashion statement for men and a great statement of unique individuality. Society has successfully accepted that loss of hair is not directly related to inadequacy. This is clearly shown with our celebrities fronting the fashion scene proud of their shaven heads.

However, world of US politics still seems to be existing in the dark ages. You certainly won’t find a lot of bald heads in the White House.   It seems there is a definite policy somewhere that baldness could indeed be giving off the wrong messages to the voters. They even have statistics on it. Apparently there hasn’t been a bald candidate elected to the white House in 58 years! What’s the issue with people who are follicle challenged guys?!


Presentation and appearance are a major factor

If you look closer at the US election statistics it can be can quite depressing for those few of us who still believe naively that elections should be based on ideology, manifesto, trust, commitment and political prowess. The figures tend to point to the fact that voters tend to pick the most attractive option. When we are talking about the greatest super-power in the world this isn’t only just depressing it really is frightening. You only have to think of George W. bush. Get my drift?

One US candidate who has spoken openly about the issue is Senator Marco Rubio. Since 2010 he has been elected many times. Now as we approach the 2016 presidential elections he is sporting a receding hairline and he is getting worried. He believes the problem is not about being bald – it is more about balding. They offer two different messages to the general public.


The difference between being bald and balding

He said “Someone who is balding more than 50 percent of their total hair can look desperate. … It’s clear to everyone else that they’re trying to hide their ever-growing baldness, which shows some form of vanity and fear of change. Or worse — like the person is trying to hide something, and disconnected from reality.”

This seems to make sense. There are underlying sub-conscious messages we can’t help picking up from all kinds of presentation and body behaviour. If a candidate try’s to hide thinning hair or a receding hairline you consequently attach this attempt to “deceive” in other areas of his life. If we are going to put energy behind voting for someone we need to know they are upfront and absolutely honest.

But surely if a politician is making clear his stance on war, health, education, trade, and the taxes we will all pay, his hair style should still come second. Apparently not in America. Even when their mascot is a bald eagle

Mr Rubio should come along to Skalp Micro Pigmentation and see how he can change his looks within three hours. At least the election will be an equal playing field then.


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