Balding: why do men deny the obvious?


Balding: why do men deny the obvious?

Yes there is no getting away from it – denial that you are actually losing your hair can have catastrophic repercussions socially and professionally. That naff comb-over, that embarrassingly obvious toupee, the teenage baseball cap on a middle aged man and the wig that becomes restless in the wind – these are all sometimes cringe-worthy attempts men use when hiding the fact that they are going bald.

In this day and age – at least for men – the bald shaven head is a fantastic and sexy fashion statement. Celebrities have led the way in making the bald head look masculine, cool and accepted.

So why hide it? Don’t men want to look cool and sexy?

Well there are probably many reasons why men continue to hide hair loss but first of all we have to separate the idea of thinning hair and the bald head. Whereas the latter can indeed be a fashion statement, the former has totally different connotations. It is intrinsically linked with inadequacy, aging before your time, and basically looking old. So what men are actually covering up is “the thinning stage”.

This is a pity because, as we have said, it can facilitate some really naff ways to appear exactly the same when in fact amongst that social silence there may well be an element of sniggering and shaking of heads. Don’t get me wrong some methods can look really cool, but it is the idea that you can hide it away that is not only having a physical change it is having a mental and spiritual change as well which men may not always be aware of.

Psychological affects

If you want to change what you look like you are not accepting who you are. If you do not accept who you are you are likely to feel a big knock to your confidence and your self-esteem. Hiding away the inevitable could have a dripping tap effect on your social functioning. Others may be fooled by your new wig, but you know the truth and you are dealing with the stress consciously or sub-consciously every day.

The benefits of taking action

The fact is if men are tuned into the symptoms of hair loss earlier in their lives, and make positive actions instead of just trying to cover it up, there are avenues to explore which can reverse or slow it down. For instance how you style your hair can be a problem (having the hair in a ponytail or in dreadlocks for a long period of time); eating foods which do not offer good nutrition to your hair could be an issue; a stressful life really can cause your hair to fall out. A visit to the GP can get you back on track and give hope where it seemed all hope was going down the plughole.

But clearly in the majority of cases the problem may be hereditary, there may be an illness such as male pattern baldness which, as much as you try, it just ain’t going to go away.

That is why we say at Skalp® – stop denying the obvious and start accepting who you are and be proud of it. Making this step will allow you to get that right medical people on board if needed or lead to a change in lifestyle. If hair loss is going to happen anyway – cut to the chase. Get rid of years of worrying about thinning hair and join the bald generation.

And Skalp® offers a perfect treatment (Micro Pigmentation) for getting you where you should be. Scalp Micro Pigmentation (medical hairline tattoo) is the ultimate in non-surgical male and female scalp grooming; an incredible life-changing treatment where natural pigments are applied at the epidermal level of the scalp to replicate the natural appearance of real hair follicles or strands – depending on your hair loss extent, and desired look.


Time to stop denying the obvious!


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