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It may be just a coincidence after our recent article asked the question “Will I go bald?” but a recent report from across the pond suggests that there may be real scientific ways to predict whether you are going to suffer from hair loss or not.

The American Hair Loss Association (AHLA) this week reported that they may have tracked down the crystal ball that could give you an idea as to whether you are going to be looking like your dear old dad in 10 years’ time. The scientific process is actually a DNA test which looks for a variant in bald men. These men who test positive for the variant have a 60% chance of going bald by the time they are 40. On the other side of the coin, the researchers also look for an alternative and less-common gene that if present suggests a man has an 85% chance of NOT going bald.

The Androgen Receptor

Scientists are still new to the world of understanding hair loss genes but the procedure which is called a HairDX test is the first to identify the gene called the androgen receptor. Of course this kind of test is only considering hereditary hair loss. Other factors which may cause hair loss (such as lifestyle and illnesses) could not be predicted form this test.

So far researchers have found that the test is not 100% effective. But knowledge gleaned from the tests can help with prevention due to early treatment. The general feeling amongst experts is preventing hair loss in the first place is much more efficient than attempting to regrow hair.

Approved by the AHLA

The DNA test has been approved by the AHLA and Spencer Kobren, founder of The American Hair Loss Association commented, “HairDX’s genetic test for the onset of early male pattern baldness is an important breakthrough in the fight against hair loss.”

This type of approach to hair loss is not going to go away as DNA tests become the norm. Already, a genetics service backed by Google – 23andMe – is offering a cut price tests for medical professionals to teach them how to interpret genomic data. Patients can then access the results through a DNA testing kit accessed online.

Watch this space.

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