Beware the Unhairy!


Beware the Unhairy!

Micro pigmentation is a great idea and done by qualified and experienced practitioners the results usually delight.  But in the hands of someone not properly trained and experienced it can be a very different matter.


Johns Story

John had been suffering from cancer.  He had had treatment with radio and chemotherapy.  Even although he had beaten his cancer, he was left with hair that was bald in places and patchy in others. John saw an advert offering micropigmentation at a very reasonable rate and went to see a lady, Sharon, who said that she had treated two other patients.  They had apparently been delighted with the result of their treatment.   John did the usual things like looking at her site and it looked fine, quite impressive, in fact.


Sharon showed him some very convincing before and after photos.  Eager to put his cancer behind him and seeing getting his hair back in shape as the last step, John did not take much convincing.  Sharon took some photos of his hair and then told him to shave it off.


John remembers that she put particular emphasis on the fact that she would be using the best medical grade micropigmentation machine that was available on the market and even said that many clinicians could not afford to own this type of machine. Sharon showed John what she would be doing and then began the procedure.


Immediately John was in terrible pain.  He was in such agony that he thought that he was going to pass out. John asked Sharon to stop because he was in so much pain saying that he would come back another day to have the treatment completed.


Sharon then said that because she was still building up a, portfolio of her work and she considered John to be a model, she would only charge £75.00 to cover the cost of the inks and the needle. Sharon then dressed his head with Vaseline and put cling film over it.


John had a very uncomfortable ride home, he was in a lot of pain and when he got home he put his head under a cold shower to try and reduce the agony.

The next morning he looked at his head in the mirror and could not believe what he saw. He was still in pain and his head was raw and red and was still oozing blood and ink.


It was then that he contacted us at SKALP

We were very disturbed to hear of the ordeal that John had been through but we promised to do what we could to help him get over the bad experience and to give him a result that he so badly wanted.

I suppose the message here is that if something seems to good or too cheap to be true, it usually is.  There is no substitute for experience or for good training and first class care.  At SKALP we take our responsibility to you very seriously. We will always be pleased to have a chat to discuss any aspect of the treatment you are planning.

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