Black women are highly vulnerable to hair loss says new study


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Are back women more vulnerable to hair loss?

We often tend to think of hair loss as being a problem for men. Rarely do we consider the issue for the opposite gender and perhaps even less so for black women. But the fact is, just as women suffer from hair loss (but on a less virulent level) so black women are more prone to hair loss amongst all females according to a study at an American Academy of Dermatology.

There appears to be 3 main reasons for this according to Dr Yolanda Lenzy who presented the findings at a conference in Washington recently:

Clearly if black women were more open to visiting their GP’s about their hair loss issues, they could take advantage of the medical solutions and advice re hair care and lifestyle changes which could halt or slow down hair loss. But would they be able to do anything about CCCA?

Even though CCCA can be seen in all races, ages and both genders, it is most commonly seen in middle aged black women. It’s cause still remains unknown but it presents as a form of scarring alopecia on the scalp which results in permanent hair loss. Typically, it is seen occurring mid-scalp and extends outwards in a centrifugal manner. As follicular openings are lost the scalp becomes shiny. This can sometimes make the scalp tender or itchy – some people will experience a burning sensation.

Your doctor will take a scalp biopsy in order to diagnose CCCA. An early diagnosis is advisable as this will prevent further progression of the disease. Where the hair follicle has been replaced with fibrosis, regrowth of hair is not possible but these are the following treatment options to help live with and slow down hair loss:

For people suffering with CCCA it is advised to consider just natural hairstyles so you can see how bullet-points (1) and (2) are intertwined. Whatever the cause – visit your doctor  – once you know what you are dealing with you can do something about it.

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