Coping well with stress can reduce hair loss

12th December 2014

  With any illness or medical complaint you need to deal with the root cause in order to find a cure. There are many different triggers for hair loss: it maybe hereditary; it can be facilitated through a poor diet; glandular disorders; stress; ring worm; side effects of medication and of course male pattern baldness. […]

Celebrities Who Had Hair Transplants

8th December 2014

  Deciding whether or not you should undergo a hair transplant procedure is a big step and you should weigh in the odds carefully. If you are contemplating to go through hair replacement surgery, or other non-surgical hair restoration procedures but aren’t quite sure of what to expect yet, one good point of reference is […]

Surgical vs Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Treatments

6th December 2014

Surgical vs Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Treatments A lot of people these days are contemplating to undergo one hair replacement treatment or the other. There are plenty of reasons why people decide to do this. Some of the most popular reasons include balding, medical conditions such as alopecia and for cosmetic purposes.   Choosing which kind of […]

How to use onions to stop thinning hair

5th December 2014

  They say that thinning hair and going bald is man’s secret trauma. As much as man is happy to be open about many different crises in his life, the loss of his hair is one issue that is rarely raised in public. True, the bald head has come to be seen as a sexy […]

Scalp Micro Pigmentation hits America!

3rd December 2014

We get most things second hand form America. Usually the US has been experimenting with new gadgets, technology and weird new cultures long before the UK gets a sniff of it. However this time we are proud to say that we are teaching our American cousins a thing or two. Earlier this week I was […]

A hair transplant for Prince Harry?

28th November 2014

Getting the truth about exactly what is happening on a daily basis in the royal household is difficult enough, to get feedback about how high profile royals are thinking about their personal life and what they are intending to do is even more difficult – and gold-dust to the media. So it is no wonder […]

Healthy scalp – healthy hair!

25th November 2014

It is true that in the same way that a tree will thrive in good earth, so healthy hair will grow more prolifically on a well-cared for healthy scalp. We have talked often on this blog about numerous techniques and products to enhance the body, life and growth of your hair it is also important […]

Why Micro Pigmentation is becoming so popular

20th November 2014

There is no getting away from the fact that Micro Pigmentation has definitely received a genuine thumbs up from the public. It has become accepted, respected and seen as both a great way to deal with hair loss issues and an almost instant way to look stylish, fashionable and super-sexy. What is Micro Pigmentation?  Thinning […]

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