Is there a link between hair loss and cancer?

23rd September 2014

Is there a link between hair loss and cancer?  When hair loss is mentioned in terms of cancer we are likely to jump to the conclusion that it is a reference to the side-effects which are often passed on when cancer patients are receiving chemotherapy. But the result of a study which has been published […]

How the bald guys have shaped history

17th September 2014

The bald head gets a big old thumbs-up globally in high fashion for guys. With top celebrities such as Samual L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan, Van diesel, and good old Patrick Stewart taking the hot new look of the bald pate on a 5 year mission to the final frontier , there is little […]

The sport where baldness is a definite asset!

9th September 2014

  To be proficient at you favourite sport you will probably ensure you have all the right things to wear, the tools, bats, balls and extras to practice and probably build up your physique (or slim if you want to be a jockey!) to ensure you are the first thought that winning line. But there […]

Break through for alopecia areata

8th September 2014

Researchers and scientists have recently completely reversed alopecia and hair loss in 3 people giving them a drug, which is normally used to treat patients with bone marrow disorders. The patients were suffering from alopecia areata a condition that causes complete hair loss and is notoriously difficult to treat. After just a few months of taking […]

Pumpkin seeds can increase hair growth

4th September 2014

Pumpkin seeds can increase hair growth says Korean University! For most of us the only time we set eyes on a pumpkin is when it is used as decoration at Halloween. Few of us actually eat it regularly in the UK but in the US it is well known to be jam packed with nutritious […]

Can Hair extensions lead to hair loss?

2nd September 2014

In order to offer our customers and clients the most up to date and successful service our goal is to keep ahead of issues concerning hair loss and new treatments here at Skalp Micro Pigmentation. In recent articles we have highlighted how various styles of wearing your hair (such as in braids) can lead to […]

Hair loss through cancer treatment may soon be something of the past

29th August 2014

  There was exciting news this week when it was reported in that an American professor working at the University of Wisconsin may have stumbled across a way to prevent the hair loss suffered by many who have to endure chemotherapy. Following a study it was found that the everyday pain killer Novocain could […]

The Great British ‘Bald’ Off – Pudding Scandal!

28th August 2014

The latest episode of The Great British Bake off has left viewers in a state of outrage last night and today! A scandal involving a ‘over-baked’ Alaska that had been taken out of the freezer and left for contestant Ian Wattins to find instead, a melted pile of cream. A moment of rage soon saw […]

Top tips for caring for your shaven head

27th August 2014

The shaven head has taken modern fashion for men by the throat. This symbol of virility, masculinity and zest has been proudly shown off by celebrities across the globe. For those of us mere mortals who are suffering from receding or thinning hair the new fashion is exceptionally good news. No longer do you have […]

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