Celebrities Who Had Hair Transplants

18th November 2014

Celebrities Who Had Hair Transplants Deciding whether or not you should undergo a hair transplant procedure is a big step and you should weigh in the odds carefully. If you are contemplating to go through hair replacement surgery, or other non-surgical hair restoration procedures but aren’t quite sure of what to expect yet, one good […]

Need a hair transplant? You need a robot!

14th November 2014

  As technology becomes a an integral part of every single part of our 21st century lives, there are few things now that cannot be completed at the push of a button. And now, hair transplants are about to join our forever expanding automatic mechanised services. Don’t worry, it hasn’t quite got to the point […]

New hair growth treatment hits the market

12th November 2014

  A new hair loss treatment is getting headline news across the pond. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is in its infancy but it promises to offer individuals with thinning hair new hope. And let’s face it there are a lot of options out there offering solutions to an unsightly balding pate. Here at […]

So what’s the furore about shaved heads and YOU magazine?

4th November 2014

  In most cases any charitable activity that genuinely has a disadvantaged cause in mind will be met with respect and acceptance. However a recent campaign by YOU magazine – partnering with CANSA (The Cancer Association of South Africa) – was met with a flood of angry comments to its Facebook page and even a […]

Looking after your hair with natural oils

30th October 2014

The finest and safest way to look after your hair is with natural substances. And they really are all the rage at the moment. We recently put up an article on the extremists who believe that you can only help your hair by not using shampoo at all. This clearly had its downsides and the […]

Skalp Join the Movember campaign for men’s health

28th October 2014

Up until this year I had thought of the “Movember” thing as a bit of gimmick started off by some quirky facebook page somewhere. I thought it’s that time of the year when every guy wears a moustache for a bit of a laugh – great as a conversation starter and especially when you’re drunk. […]

Fantastic Transformation with Scalp Micro Pigmentation

28th October 2014

Fantastic transformation with Scalp Micro Pigmentation You may remember a couple of months ago when we were featured in Ape to Gentleman. Giles came into our Manchester clinic and was treated by Damon Ashcroft one of our most experienced practitioners and Manager of our Manchester clinic. Giles wrote an honest and heart warming account of […]

Bald guys hand out the tricks this Halloween!

24th October 2014

Trying to think of a really cool and unique get up for that cool Halloween party? If you a fabulous baldy you may have more choice than you think. And seeing that baldness is an absolute essential for many Hollywood villains you are well on your way to looking the part already! There’s no getting […]

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