Buzz cut with a beard?

27th June 2014

Hugh Jackman was spotted at Wimbledon this week with a very black beard and a completely shaved head. He is currently filming the new Peter Pan film called Pan he stars along side Amanda Seyfried and Rooney Mara. Hugh is playing the role of Black Beard the Pirate. Could this be the start of a […]

Do women really find bald men attractive?

26th June 2014

Well, that is probably a question that a lot of middle aged men are asking themselves as they run their fingers through their thinning hair every morning. Guys may think this is an impossible question to answer as you have to get inside a woman’s mind anyway – and that can be a very mysterious […]

Healthy Diet = Healthy Hair

25th June 2014

Is it really that simple? Well yes and no. Hair is made up from various components including a protein called keratin. For meat eaters, they will have a good supply of protein but what about vegetarians. Vegetarians don’t typically have as much protein in their diet. Healthy hair needs a combination of different factors, including […]

Can we prevent male pattern baldness?

24th June 2014

Hair loss is something many men feel self-conscious or anxious about and although this condition is not a serious threat to your health, it can have some serious consequences on your self-esteem. So the burning question when it comes to male pattern baldness is, can you prevent your hair loss? The answer to this question […]


23rd June 2014

A young American man, who suffers from alopecia, unfortunately he lost all his head and body hair by the age of 18. A doctor at Yale University realised that as he had lost all his hair by an autoimmune disease, that maybe he could try a drug treatment for another autoimmune disorder. The young American […]

Yul Brynner The First Bald Hollywood Heart Throb

21st June 2014

The Russian born actor was born in 1920 and died in 1985 and was best known for his role in The King and I. In this classic film he played the king of Siam. He won an Oscar and he played the role over 4000 times on stage. He was also well known for his […]

The safe and easy way to shave your head

20th June 2014

The Skalp micro-pigmentation process will take just three visits to our professional practitioner to perfect a hairline styled to compliment your unique requirements. You will see from our videos that satisfaction is 100% and most can’t wait to get out there and show it off. But caring for your bald head is an on-going process and […]

Is the stress getting to English fans?

19th June 2014

Ian Wright, Alan Shearer, Clarence Seedorf all World Cup commentators and all bald. Just a coincidence or is the stress getting to the English fans? These commentators are among many other men all over the country stressing over the England games. Micro Pigmentation is often the ideal solution for clients who have suffered complete hair-loss. […]

How do you feel about male pattern baldness?

19th June 2014

Given the choice, who would want to lose their hair, whether it’s male pattern baldness or alopecia etc. It can be very challenging dealing with the emotional aspect of losing your hair. The discovery of hair loss can be a very stressful experience for men. Through the course of history the attitude towards male baldness […]

5 Causes of Hair Loss

18th June 2014

Dealing with hair loss scan be very disheartening, hair is meant to be one of our biggest signs of beauty, so to see your hair start to recede, thin or fall can cause all kinds of effect on your daily life. A lot of people aren’t entirely sure why there hair starts to fall out […]

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