5 Causes of Hair Loss

18th June 2014

Dealing with hair loss scan be very disheartening, hair is meant to be one of our biggest signs of beauty, so to see your hair start to recede, thin or fall can cause all kinds of effect on your daily life. A lot of people aren’t entirely sure why there hair starts to fall out… »

Our Favourite Bald Actors

17th June 2014

Some people think and have the assumption bald actors are unlikely to get the best/leading roles in the big Hollywood blockbusters. Here are our top 3 all suffering from male pattern baldness and would look great with a scalp micro pigmentation. Sean Connery The main man from Scotland best known for his role as James Bond,… »

Top 5 Premiership Footballers with Hair Loss

16th June 2014

It is not just the ordinary man on the street that suffers from hair loss. From footballers to politicians to firemen all of us can be affected too. We have picked our top five footballers that could do with our help 1 Wayne Rooney, Manchester United This young striker is just as famous for his… »

You have one more thing to thank your father for this Father’s day

15th June 2014

Mothers have had a lot of bad press but it is not all their fault. Yes baldness may be genetic but you cannot simply blame this on your maternal side. Fathers are to blame also. If you are follicly challenged then the chances are that your dad is too. Research has shown that the gene… »

Male Pattern Baldness

13th June 2014

Male pattern baldness and alopecia are the cause of the majority of hair loss in men. There can be many possible reasons men lose their hair, including stress, serious disease including chemotherapy, reactions to certain medications, and in rare cases extremely stressful events (e.g. the death of a loved one), most hair loss in men… »

Tony Smith’s Hair Loss Diary

12th June 2014

Follow Tony’s hair loss diary from consultation through to final treatment and beyond on the forum. This is his first post watch out for more I have just come back from my consultation at Skalp’s London office. I was sooooo nervous, I gave up on a solution to hair loss years ago after becoming… »

Skalp Launch Finance

5th December 2013

Skalp are now offering finance! We know that for many of our patients, the availability of finance is a very important factor. You may be eligible for a medical loan. Skalp has teamed up with specialist medical loans company First Medical Loans to offer approved customers finance for one-off private treatments at Skalp.  Representative Example: Amount… »

Expert Claims Gravity Causes Hair Loss

3rd November 2013

There are many theories as to what causes balding, but we think this one tops them all!  Dr Emin Tuncay Ustuner, a plastic surgeon in Ankara, Turkey, believes gravity pulling down the skin of the scalp is to blame for hair loss. Dr Ustuner believed the answer is the weight of the scalp on the hair follicles. Younger men’s scalps… »