Channel 4’s Bodyshockers Spreads The Word About Skalp!

16th January 2015

Channel 4 spreads the word about Skalp hair loss treatment! Here at Skalp, this time last week, we were crossing our fingers. We were anxiously anticipating that Channel 4’s Bodyshockers would offer a powerful impression of the service we offer and the SMP process. It turns out, we shouldn’t have worried, it was great to see […]

Hair loss drug could be dangerous to children

13th January 2015

There are many different hair loss drugs on the market at the moment. Some can be very effective and some have side effects we have questioned in previous articles on this blog, but there was rather frightening news this week that one product in particular could well be dangerous if taken by children. Increased heart […]

End the torment of thinning hair now

6th January 2015

Thinning hair and hair loss is a problem for both genders but most prolific in men. Most men grin and bear it. In fact that’s a lie – most men just bear it. They lose confidence and self-belief and find themselves withdrawing from a life that their peers are reaping the rewards from. For centuries […]

Why dealing with hair loss can change your life

29th December 2014

Hair loss for men or women is rarely a favourite topic of conversation.  This is not because it can’t be interesting, there are many new innovative ways of treating hair loss at the moment and high profile celebrities with thinning locks are often hot news. It is more a case that vanity and especially male […]

Do you have male pattern baldness?

22nd December 2014

  We use this term a lot on this blog and we don’t often actually explain it in more detail. So for those avid followers who are not really sure what MPB is this should give you a clearer idea. What is male pattern baldness? Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) is probably the most common form […]

Celebrities who have dealt with hair loss

18th December 2014

When you have a medical condition it often feels as if you are the only one who has to put up with the symptoms and issues. Even worse, hair loss tends to be something guys keep to themselves so it is not usually a topic of conversation or something you can always share openly. But […]

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