The Great British ‘Bald’ Off – Pudding Scandal!

28th August 2014

The latest episode of The Great British Bake off has left viewers in a state of outrage last night and today! A scandal involving a ‘over-baked’ Alaska that had been taken out of the freezer and left for contestant Ian Wattins to find instead, a melted pile of cream. A moment of rage soon saw […]

Top tips for caring for your shaven head

27th August 2014

The shaven head has taken modern fashion for men by the throat. This symbol of virility, masculinity and zest has been proudly shown off by celebrities across the globe. For those of us mere mortals who are suffering from receding or thinning hair the new fashion is exceptionally good news. No longer do you have […]

Balding politicians in the land of the bald eagle!

22nd August 2014

  Baldness is all around us in modern society. On one hand it has definitely been accepted as a cool fashion statement for men and a great statement of unique individuality. Society has successfully accepted that loss of hair is not directly related to inadequacy. This is clearly shown with our celebrities fronting the fashion […]

Diary Entry – Tonys First Skalp Treatment

20th August 2014

After 3 weeks of nervous excitement and wondering how I would look after my first treatment, It flew by! Constant speculating asking myself could my confidence be restored? Would my self esteem grow? Would my friends notice? How red would my head be? Would I be able to return to work? What should I really […]

New wonder-drug for Alopecia to be revealed

19th August 2014

There was very encouraging news this week for all men and women suffering from thinning hair, receding hair and baldness. Research scientists have stated that that great headway has been made in finding a super-drug to combat alopecia – the common hair loss complaint. Experts are now saying the progress made will lead to an […]

Gay culture and the shaven head

15th August 2014

No-one would argue with the fact that the fashion of the shaven head is going to be here for a long time to come. It crosses both genders most ethnic backgrounds, has been adopted by some our most popular celebrities and sports personalities. In a very short period it has acquired a whole new symbolism […]

The beauty of Henna

12th August 2014

  There was a fabulous article in refinery29 this week that clearly showed that for women a henna Tattoo can be a great way to enhance baldness. Fashion for women is such now that there are many acceptable ways to compliment the appearance of a bald head. Times have certainly changed! In the 18th nineteenth […]

Can homeopathic treatments prevent hair loss?

7th August 2014

In past articles we have covered many of the recognised treatments that have been evidenced to bring about either the halting or reduction of hair loss. Homeopathy as always stands slightly outside the accepted treatments because it is classed as an alternative medicine and scientists and sceptics alike proclaim there is no real hard evidence […]

50 Shades of Grey (Hair)

6th August 2014

  Grey Hair- the facts Both men and women get grey hair naturally with age and 32% of people have noticed some of their hair going grey before they reach the age of 30. With chances of going grey increasing by 10-20% each decade after that.   Over 20 years ago the statistic was much […]

Hair loss can be stopped!

5th August 2014

After the first few hairs begin to appear on the pillow first thing in the morning, many men and women assume with a dejected heart that they must give into the inevitable. It is very true that hair loss can be hereditary but it should also be taken into account that our daily relationship with […]