All That You Need To Know About Scalp Micro Pigmentation

14th October 2014

Natural baldness and the medical condition alopecia can be stressful for some people. Hair loss is not an easy matter to deal with. Men for instance, worry about losing their hair and looking less attractive. Alopecia on the other hand, affects both genders and can be difficult especially for women to grapple. Losing your crowning […]

What does hair loss say about your health?

10th October 2014

There is no getting away from the fact that loss of hair, or thinning hair does tend to give the impression you are getting old. That is why it is so useful to use the Micro Pigmentation technique to cut your losses and probably look even younger and super sexy at the same time. But […]

Now technology can put hairs on your head!

7th October 2014

Yes, I suppose someone had to think of it sometime. We have tried, medication, herbs and vitamins, transplantation and wigs – now the boffins and their computers are putting in their 10 pennyworth by introducing a brand new technological appliance that you can wear which actually (so it says) will have your hair growing back […]

Is your hair free of ‘poo?

2nd October 2014

Quite a leading question and perhaps not quite the type you would expect in polite society. Well, the fact is it refers to a new cult which is happening on the internet in relation to how you care for your hair. The “‘poo” is short for shampoo and the new concept is not to use […]

Kim Kardashians blood Facials great for hair loss!

1st October 2014

Last year saw the explosive rise of a new facial therapy which was initially made famous by Kim Kardashian and supermodel Bar Rafaeli. The cosmetic treatment was used as facelifts and to enhance skin presentation. Now doctors have reported that it can be used in the same way to stimulate hair growth. Platelet Rich Plasma […]

How does the Skalp Micro Pigmentation process take place?

25th September 2014

 How does the Skalp Micro Pigmentation process take place? Here at Skalp we believe in putting the customers’ needs first.  We are totally aware that changing your appearance (even when it seems for the better) can be quite an awe-inspiring step to take. So we have made the process as simple, efficient and fast as […]

Is there a link between hair loss and cancer?

23rd September 2014

Is there a link between hair loss and cancer?  When hair loss is mentioned in terms of cancer we are likely to jump to the conclusion that it is a reference to the side-effects which are often passed on when cancer patients are receiving chemotherapy. But the result of a study which has been published […]

How the bald guys have shaped history

17th September 2014

The bald head gets a big old thumbs-up globally in high fashion for guys. With top celebrities such as Samual L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan, Van diesel, and good old Patrick Stewart taking the hot new look of the bald pate on a 5 year mission to the final frontier , there is little […]

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