Vanity, Bald patches and the Royal family

25th July 2014

  For most men, the only good thing about bald patches is they are on the back of the head, so if you are admiring yourself in the mirror before going out you can quite easily live the illusion that you have a super-duper thatch on top. Sometimes for vanity’s sake it’s easier just to […]

Hair Transplant? Have they, haven’t they?

21st July 2014

Who has been under the knife? Can you tell? The wonderful thing about our Hollywood and TV celebrities is they almost have that godlike capacity of remaining ever young. They seem to defy the ravages of time and disappearing beauty and hairline which we mere mortals battle against on a daily basis only armed with […]

The cult of the Celebrity tattoo

16th July 2014

  Any footie fans glued to their sets these last few weeks will not have missed the fact that body tattoos are not just a fashion accessory for celebrities and teens. Body art was on full view throughout the World Cup as the sport’s greatest game witnessed players swopping shirts and stripping off in the […]

Male Pattern Baldness A New Theory

14th July 2014

Male pattern baldness is a fact of life for many men, and most men accept it is a hereditary, genetic flaw that has been passed down to them. Now investigation has shown that scientists may be close to discovering a new cause of balding patches that could hold the answer to an effective cure for […]

Which hair transplant procedure?

12th July 2014

Which hair transplant procedure? There are different hair transplant procedures on the market. Which one is right for you. Hair transplants have become a popular way to deal with the ever present problem of hair loss and thinning hair. Its processes, success rates and costs tend to be a little shrouded in mystery because if you […]

The Norwood Hair Loss Scale

11th July 2014

Today’s blog is on understanding the Norwood hair loss scale. It is a common tool used for self-diagnoses of the severity of male pattern baldness from stages 1- 7. It can help when describing the extent of baldness for treatment or consultation purposes. I’m sure many of you who are considering scalp micro pigmentation have […]

B is for Bollywood and Bald (apparently)

10th July 2014

  Bald celebrities have become a big wow in the west.  For a long time now the shinning bald pate has been fashionable cool and sexy. Think Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Patrick Stewart, and Samuel L. Jackson to name but a few. Some have needed to crop their locks for film roles, some just want […]

Hair growth and Caffeine

9th July 2014

  For many years now it has been thought that caffeine enriched shampoos can hold the cure to male hair loss. Everybody knows that caffeine is a stimulant drug but how will it give me a luscious thick mane? A chemical called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causes nearly all male pattern baldness and androgenic alopecia. DHT is […]

Are you losing your hair? Are you a regular swimmer?

8th July 2014

Hair loss can be caused by several factors, male pattern baldness, alopecia, and receding hairlines. But have you ever thought about what all that chlorine is doing to your head? In order to keep swimming pools bacteria free different chemicals are used. Pool staff should check regularly to ensure the PH balance of these to […]

Robbie Williams gets a hair transplant

7th July 2014

Robbie Williams recently admitted on the Graham Norton show that he has had a hair transplant in LA.  On the show he said I have lived in LA for a long time and if you live here long enough your going to end up getting some surgery. He funnily said, “I’ve had a thatch done!” […]

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