So You’ve Just Had Your “Skalp” Treatment – Razor Or Clippers?

2nd July 2014

You’ve Just Been “Skalped” – Question Is, Do You Choose A Razor Or Clippers? So you’ve just had your “Skalp” micro pigmentation treatment, you’ve got a fresh new look and a beaming new smile to match. All you need now is that all important tool to help ensure your treatment is always looking at its […]

3 Main Hair Loss Types

1st July 2014

3 Main Hair Loss Types There are three types of hair loss that both men and women face. In degrees of severity, one is not worse than the others and the treatments for each can vary greatly. The fact remains that hair loss is something that a large percentage of the population is going to […]

Is Hair Loss Hereditary?

28th June 2014

Is your father’s hair thinning, does your grandfather have male patterned baldness? Chances are at some point you will experience the same thing. Male patterned baldness or Androgenic Alopecia is common amongst men ranging in age from as young as early teens to your twilight years and with studies suggesting over 80% of male patterned […]

Buzz cut with a beard?

27th June 2014

Hugh Jackman was spotted at Wimbledon this week with a very black beard and a completely shaved head. He is currently filming the new Peter Pan film called Pan he stars along side Amanda Seyfried and Rooney Mara. Hugh is playing the role of Black Beard the Pirate. Could this be the start of a […]

Healthy Diet = Healthy Hair

25th June 2014

Healthy Diet Equals  Healthy Hair Is it really that simple? Well yes and no. Hair is made up from various components including a protein called keratin. For meat eaters, they will have a good supply of protein but what about vegetarians. Vegetarians don’t typically have as much protein in their diet. Healthy hair needs a […]


23rd June 2014

A young American man, who suffers from alopecia, unfortunately he lost all his head and body hair by the age of 18. A doctor at Yale University realised that as he had lost all his hair by an autoimmune disease, that maybe he could try a drug treatment for another autoimmune disorder. The young American […]

Yul Brynner The First Bald Hollywood Heart Throb

21st June 2014

Was Yul Brynner the first Bald Hollywood Hearth throb? The Russian born actor was born in 1920 and died in 1985 and was best known for his role in The King and I. In this classic film, he played the king of Siam. He played the role over 4000 times on stage. Not bad for […]

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