Can alcohol cause hair loss?


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The very thought of this would make you want to turn to drink. Most people love a bit of a tipple. When we settle down and relax it is often with a nice glass of wine; when we go out and mix with friends, it is likely to be at a place where alcohol is accessible and is more often than not the focus of the banter; we use it to boost our confidence and a celebration without alcohol is like a church without a steeple. It is so much part of everyday society we sometimes forget to question whether we actually like it or not. It’s just there. When we take into account that what we eat and drink could have a direct effect on how our bodies heal, grow and stay healthy, can alcohol cause hair loss?

The answer to that is yes but not directly and only with persistant excessive alcohol consumption. In other words, drinking alcohol does not mean you are going to go bald or suffer from thinning hair but the way alcohol deals with nutrients in the body can have an overall detrimental effect on the health of your hair and in extreme cases cause hair loss. This is how it works:

  1. Excess alcohol consumption can prevent your body from absorbing zinc. Your body needs this mineral on a daily basis to help your body absorb other nutrients and it is especially important for healthy hair.
  2. In the same way excess alcohol consumption can prevent absorption of iron. Again, this is important for healthy hair. A deficiency in iron can lead to the hair loss condition called telogen effluvium.
  3. Dehydration which is a reaction to excessive drinking can have a marked effect on how the body is processing nutrients. After drinking a great deal of alcohol you will urinate more frequently as your body attempts to get rid of the excess toxin – at the same time the normal process for intake of essential nutrients is impaired.
  4. Because of the lack of healthy nutrients following a period of dehydration it is likely your hair will become dry and brittle; when the shaft of the hair is broken thinning hair may follow.

Two factors should be noted here. Firstly, because these issues present themselves with excessive drinking then they can be dealt with by moderating your drinking habits. Also, the kind of hair loss issues that excessive drinking may lead to are likely to be temporary. So when you change your drinking habits your hair is likely to soon get back to normal.


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