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Can A Vegan Diet Cause Hair Loss?

22nd February 2019

Vegan Diets Are Great For The Environment- But What About Your Hair? Once upon a time, being a vegan did not have the most positive of images. Choosing not to eat or use any animal products created a stereotype that many wanted to avoid. However, that has changed dramatically in recent years. Over 3.5 million […]

Do vitamin pills prevent hair loss?

13th December 2017

Do dietary supplements or vitamin pills help prevent hair loss?   Almost every day there’s a new product released claiming to stimulate hair growth or stop it completely. The question always remains about how safe they are and if they actually work.   There are a huge range of vitamins and supplements available, each one making […]

What to do about thinning hair

13th November 2017

  With so many of us suffering from hair loss and thinning hair, wondering what to do about thinning hair is a common question. For instance, you may be suffering from stress or depression and for some people, their diet will also be an issue. Without having to visit a specialist, such as a trichologist, let’s […]

Save those pumpkin seeds for your hair this Halloween

30th October 2015

  Halloween and pumpkins go together like ghosts and witches. A few skilful carvings in the right place and that sweet little pumpkin fruit can turn into a devil incarnate overnight. But pumpkins aren’t just for the scariest night of the year. As well as providing the source for great recipes and a truly colourful […]

Women do find bald men attractive

28th August 2015

Ok, the results are in – there is no doubt that women find bald men attractive. Apparently many people (especially women!) would find this statement very obvious, but the fact is there is still a frightening myth hanging about that bald men are in some way inadequate when compared with their hairy counterparts. So where […]

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