Celebrating Thanksgiving 2015 in New York


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If you want to visit New York, there is no more magical time than the winter months’ approach to Christmas. But unlike the UK, in the US, Xmas takes a back seat to the wonderful celebrations for Thanksgiving day. And there is a whole lot going on this year such as parades, special shows and extravaganzas. Here at Skalp™ in the UK we are beginning to get a little jealous of Graig Lauricella (who man’s our Micro Pigmentation clinic in the heart of New York!)

What is the history behind Thanksgiving day?

Thanksgiving has its roots in old English traditions when the first settlers set foot in North America. The annual day of Thanksgiving began in 1606 and is a celebration of the year’s harvest and the previous year’s good luck. Most importantly, it celebrated the survival of the Plymouth pilgrims who had to endure a brutal first winter in New England.

The third Thursday in the US became a national holiday in 1863 and is traditionally celebrated at home with friends and family and a huge amount of feasting!  The first Thanksgiving feast consisted of fish, wild fowl, venison, harvest grains, vegetables, and dried Indian maize. According to most accounts, it lasted three days and fed 53 pilgrims and 90 Native Americans. Nowadays the meal very much resembles an Xmas meal with a turkey holding centre stage.

Don’t miss!

The biggest draw in New York on thanksgiving Day is Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. You can expect dazzling musical performances, cool floats, and awe-inspiring helium balloons – and by balloons we mean twenty to thirty foot balloons of your favourite TV and cinema characters. It has been going since 1924 and is likely to draw in over 3 million spectators and 1000 participants.

There really is something magical about New York in the winter and this is truly enhanced by the lighting of the Xmas trees outside the giant Rockefeller building. Or why not take in the fantastic views from the top of the Rockefeller building or a superb New York city cruise down the Hudson river.

And that’s just the beginning – there is so much to see in New York even without the festivities. We could make a list but we would go on forever – Broadway, the Empire State, skating in Central Park, fantastic restaurants, the Museum of Modern Art…and with all the Xmas decorations going up this is going to be a memory that will be with you for a long time!

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