Celebrities who donate their hair to charity



Celebrities who donate their hair to charity

Here at Skalp® we are aware that the initial decision to go with the “shaven head look” can feel like a bit of a leap in the dark.  But we know from our client feedback after the treatment, that it not only helps presentation as far as hair loss is concerned, it can also boost confidence and self-esteem to such an extent that it often kick-starts users on a new phase of their life. The good news is when you do finally decide to shave away your locks you could help others feel good too by donating your hair to charity.

There are some wonderful charities now which help children who, through illness or hereditary conditions, have lost or are losing their hair. Through hair donations from the public they create great wigs for children which helps them live much easier with their conditions. Of course it is well-known how chemotherapy, the treatment for cancer, can very quickly lead to hair loss. For a child especially this can be quite a psychological trauma. A real hair wig can offer so much to a young child.

This video here on the Little Princess website shows how the process for how hair can be donated. It ought to be noted that in order for the hair to be used it needs to be at least 7 inches (17 centimetres long). So if you are suffering from hair loss it may be a good idea to let it grow a bit before you cut it all off!

There are enough celebrities out there who have shown the way and donated to various charities:

Twitter had a meltdown when Harry decided to cut off his much admired locks but the great news is he decided to donate his hair to the Little Princess Trust in order to help young girls and boys across the UK suffering with cancer. Nice one Harry.

This famous name will be donating his dreadlocks to charity. (possibly Dreadlocks of Love we ask?)

Three years ago in 2013 Jessie shaved off her hair for Comic Relief and like Harry, donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust.

Way back in 2008 Russell donated his pony tail to the charity Locks of Love.

Snap! Penn Jillette (from Penn and Teller) also shaved off his pony tail and donated it to Locks of Love.

So there you go people if you are thinking of shaving it all off before you come along to your scalp micro pigmentation treatment, think twice – you could be making more than one person very happy!

Scalp Micro Pigmentation offers a great service for people struggling with hair loss or who just want to join the bald fashion trend and look their very best. Trained practitioners apply pigments to the scalp so it appears as if you have a full head of hair – but cut fashionably short.

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