Why dealing with hair loss can change your life


Hair loss for men or women is rarely a favourite topic of conversation.  This is not because it can’t be interesting, there are many new innovative ways of treating hair loss at the moment and high profile celebrities with thinning locks are often hot news. It is more a case that vanity and especially male pride tends to keep any information about balding firmly locked away.

We have found at Skalp that this can be detrimental to the treatment of hair loss and can also affect an individual psychologically and mentally in such a surreptitious way that many men do not notice it happening.  Hair loss can affect how people perceive you and how you feel about yourself.

The silent thief

Loss of hair is very insidious – it kind of creeps up behind you without you knowing. You may notice a few lost hairs now and then but it is unlikely you will do anything about it because you do not want to believe it is happening. Getting treatment almost seems vain or it is a concrete acceptance that you are going to end up bald. So you unconsciously hide it from others and yourself. However as much as hats and cleverly styled hair can be useful, you can only fool the people part of the time. It isn’t going to be long before the penny drops.

A question of age

At this stage you are already partly rejecting your identity. This can only lead to an underlying drop in self-confidence and an over-anxiety about your presentation. People will start to see you in a different way as your hair loss becomes more apparent and invariably they will link your appearance to your age.  Even though both men and woman can start losing their hair in puberty it is heavily linked with middle age and old age. There is a possibility you will be perceived as being older than you are. Even worse – when you look in the mirror you will feel older than you are.

A slow decline

As both you and those around you perceive you in a different way you begin to retire from those things that you used to find fun and exciting and important for your age group. You may hesitate from joining in normal activities or feel awkward with social relationships.

Also as your hair recedes you will not be able to style it to the latest trends which too may cause problems.

Ouch. This sounds all very bleak. We are not trying to paint a depressing scenario here. Not everyone will be affected like this. But what we do encourage men to do is catch the condition early –  it can be having an effect on your daily life without you really noticing. When it is caught early there are loads of things you can try to do to slow it down or even cure it.  This can include, medication, diets, hair transplants, and of course Micro Pigmentation.

Blinkering yourself to the inevitable can only cause much worse issues in the future. Click here to see some of the testimonials of some of our very happy clients who tried Micro Pigmentation




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