Diary Entry – Tonys First Skalp Treatment


After 3 weeks of nervous excitement and wondering how I would look after my first treatment, It flew by! Constant speculating asking myself could my confidence be restored? Would my self esteem grow? Would my friends notice? How red would my head be? Would I be able to return to work? What should I really expect?

Scalp micro pigmentation also known as a medical scalp tattoo is a cosmetic tattooing process that puts special natural pigments into your scalp to give you the effect of a shaven head. Having just had my first treatment I can verify it really does look like real hair.

My first session was last Monday 18th of August and I made sure my diary was clear so I could hide away as I thought my head would be very red, but the truth is it looked fine. My girlfriend had a very close look and said it was slightly red but that was her staring right up close to my head. The team at Skalp advised me to not wet shave or get my head wet for a few days, so I am looking forward to a shower tomorrow but that’s about all there is to say.

You could easily return to work the following day, I bumped into a friend yesterday and could see him looking at my scalp as he said, “Are you growing your hair?” I just replied I haven’t shaved for a few days and we carried on talking. Just like that! No further questions or embarrassment of having to explain myself. I just wanted to reassure people who are considering having the SMP treatment but are perhaps held back by the constraints of taking time off work, that in my experience, you could easily go back to work.

The other piece of aftercare advice I was given was to stay away from gym’s, saunas etc to avoid excess sweating that could affect the pigments while they settle in the first week. For those that are gym fanatics, then this advice might be tough but for me it was no problem, all worth it in the long run.

During my consultation at Skalp I was told that the real magic happens in session two, after which 80-90% of the treatment is complete. But for me the magic has already started! Looking in the mirror and seeing a hairline and the appearance of hair on my head has already, really boosted my self-esteem. My girlfriend thinks I look younger but the main concern in my mind (the horse shoe on the back of my head) has disappeared so I’m over the moon!

I have an ongoing forum post for anyone to get involved with my journey and ask any questions. My next session is at Harley street on Tuesday 26th august if anyone is nervous or skeptical come and see me, meet the team and watch my treatment being done. Nothing formal, everyone is welcome, no appointment necessary, hope to see you all there!!


tony before skalp treatment with bald head

Me before treatment

tony head after 1st treamtent

After the 1st Treatment Feeling Great


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