Do hair extensions and weaves really cause hair loss?


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Hair extensions or weaves can be great way to change your hair style. They allow you to join the latest fashions and add a new dynamic to your looks in a really cool way. However there have been alerts around for some time that they can also cause hair loss. The good news is however, that you do not have to give up your hair extensions forever. The problem it is not about the hair extensions or weaves themselves, but more about how they are applied that is going to cause an issue – in which case, you can ensure that you are protected to a large degree against hair loss caused by hair extensions if you follow some simple guidelines.

The fact is hair extensions can not only offer supreme style, but also help your hair grow if you wear, care and apply them properly.

So here are our top tips to make sure you are getting more hair – not losing it:

If you are noticing hair loss and you suspect it could be due to your hair extensions, get them taken out immediately but also it may be worth a check-up with the GP as there may be other causes involved.

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