External Factors that may cause Hair Loss


Even though most of us understand that genetic factors tend to cause the lion’s share of hair loss, there are also some external ones that can trigger it. In fact, you may be surprised at some of the things that can cause you to lose your hair – tooth loss for example.

So, here are some of the things that you should be aware of, after all it’s often easily possible to change these external factors.


We’ve already discussed foods that can help with hair loss in a recent post – you can see it here. Additionally, it’s also worth noting that a poor diet can cause hair loss – so if you’re eating a diet that is quite extreme in its nutritional needs or tend to eat a lot of junk food and see hair quality dropping then you should maybe reconsider. Not having the right amount of a particular vitamin can cause all sorts of problems for hair and impact upon its quality.


Obviously, there are some very evident health concerns with smoking nowadays. However, one of the lesser espoused issues is hair loss. Research shows that smoking causes blood circulation issues and in turn these cause problems for hair growth. This can result in blood flow reduction to follicles and this impacts on hair growth. Smoking also causes aging in the body and this may also impact on hair and can cause baldness and hair loss.


One of the major contributors to hair loss and also one that can be dealt with. Stress is part and parcel of our lives in the western world and can tend to cause all sorts of health problems. Stress in the short term can work as a motivator as we all know, however if prolonged can be a contributor to all sorts of issues.

Hair loss can be one of these problems and this is caused by the stress hormones the body produces, which prevent new hair growth. Additionally, hair loss here is often a cyclical issues as people lose hair for one stressful reason, but it then doesn’t grow back as they’re stressed about it and this prolongs the issue. The only way to solve this issues is to relax and reduce stress levels. Here are some tips on how to do so.


Environmental factors such as pollution can cause all sorts of issues too. Pollution in built up areas, from exhaust fumes can affect protein formation and this leads to weak and hair that’s more inclined to fall out. This is not a certainty, however there is plenty of evidence to suggest pollution causes problems.

Smoke and dust may also cause problems. These tend to trigger allergies and scalp infections, which cause hair loss. Simple measures such as wearing a hat in highly polluted areas can prevent these potential complications.

Tooth Infections

It may be surprising to hear but experts have uncovered links between tooth decay and hair loss. Alopecia being one of the most common forms caused by tooth decay. This is thought to be down to white blood cells fighting infections arriving at other parts of the body close to the tooth not just the teeth and then becoming damaged and dying close to the hair follicles. This can impact on your ability to replace hair. For example, people who end up with a tooth infection in their upper teeth often report receding hair near their temple. The key to preventing the onslaught of such problems is good dental health.

So, there are numerous external factors that can cause hair to fall out and these tips should help you recognise and remedy these issues. If you want to talk to us and discuss how our treatment can help then please feel free to do so.

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