Famous Female Celebrities either Bald or Have Gone Bald for a Reason


It’s common for actors to shave their head for a film role time and again but when a woman does the same, it has to be news. The outcome is an absolutely beautiful and different woman and somehow the moment gets suspended in time. Here are women who went bald for the camera.

Bald Tunney

Robin Tunney might be the long haired FBI agent in the Mentalist but she actually had to shave her head back in 1995 in the film Empire Records. While the film might not have been critically acclaimed her bald head made her famous; in 1996 she landed the lead role in The Craft.

The bald girl in the Alien

Sigourney Weaver is perhaps the most celebrated actresses in the horror movies category. Her shaven head in Alien 3 film is however the most unforgettable of any movie.

With breast cancer for a breast cancer role

Cynthia Nixon went bald for a play in Broadway known as Wit, where she portrayed a cancer diagnosed professional. Soon after Nixon appeared on Live with Kelly with a bald head and it was clear to everyone that in real life she was a victim of breast cancer and her bald head wasn’t just to pay the bills.

Mad Max Theron

Mad Max: Fury Road is upon us and with it is a Charlize Theron with a shaved head in the 2015 film. Playing Imperator Furiosa in the action flick, Theron’s bald head is as iconic as her decision to go without hair for the role.

Two-time bald Robin

Back in 2007 Robin Roberts had her fans shocked in Good Morning America after confessing she had breast cancer. She overcame the serious condition and continued with her career on Good Morning America but five years later, disaster struck again. She was diagnosed with the myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), a condition affecting the bone marrow and blood. She went bald again and many chemo treatments and bone marrow transplant later, she was back to her usual job and self, 174 days later.

The bald Rose

Of all the celebrities who look gorgeous with a bald head, Amber Rose is probably the fairest of them all. She has always had a bald head and has shown that bald and beautiful isn’t just a cliché.

V for Vendetta Portman

Back in 2006 Natalie Portman decided to go bald to portray Evey, a freedom fighter in the film V for Vendetta. Her bald head didn’t destroy her beauty and pretty demeanour but clearly accentuated it.

Bald Demi

Bald heads do make female actresses famous or legendary. For Demi Moore, going bald in G.I. Jane back in 1997 is perhaps one of the best things she has ever done; her career skyrocketed ever since. Want to be famous? Go bald.

Heaven’s Blanchett

Cate Blanchett together with Giovanni Ribisi had to go bald for the 2002 movie Heaven. The flick is actually one of the few that bring together the themes of redemption, retribution and baldness.

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