Fantasy sports illegal? What goes on in New York


An illustration of an American fantasy football helmets and badge. Vector EPS 10 available. EPS file contains transparencies and gradient mesh.

Here at scalp Micro Pigmentation we have become obsessed with the most exciting city on the planet – New York. Anyone who has visited New York as we did when we were setting up our new clinic is left with a little bit of those wonderful feelings that this city exudes 24 hours a day. Now back at the ranch here in the UK (sorry mixed metaphors here – we still want to be back in the US!) we are constantly scanning the headlines to find out what goes on in that famous city.

So we were a little bit surprised to find that there is currently a bit of a war going on in the world of online games and apps between IT companies and the Government. Apparently New York Attorney Eric Schneiderman wants to make online fantasy sports illegal because the betting and gambling factor is regulated.

Is fantasy football gambling?

Fantasy football is very popular in the UK and it seems the popularity is increasing in the US with online apps. In 2006 an act was put in place to ensure that all betting games on the internet had to keep to acceptable standards. In other words, employees at the company would not have an unfair advantage of winning when gambling as they had access to valuable data; that the processes of each competition was monitored and facilitated fairly; and other fundamental rules concerned with gambling were standardised. The two fantasy companies being targeted by Mr Schneiderman DraftKings and FanDual are not regulated by the 2006 act.

All professions have to keep to strict guidelines. Here at Skalp™ all our practitioners are highly trained in Micro Pigmentation and not only have to keep their training up to date and adhere to health and safety standards but they also have to keep to regulations laid down by the government to cover the use of tattoos. We do not have problem with these standards because we want to offer our clients the very best service with is not only of the highest quality but also safe.

In an interview with CBS News Mr. Schneiderman said “Daily fantasy sports is neither victimless nor harmless, and it is clear that DraftKings and FanDuel are the leaders of a massive, multi-billion-dollar scheme intended to evade the law and fleece sports fans across the country. Today we have sent a clear message: not in New York, and not on my watch.”

The companies hit back by saying their games are not gambling because it takes skill to assemble a potentially lucrative fantasy football team. In a statement one of the companies said “New York’s actions today are an unfortunate example of a state government stifling innovation, technology and entrepreneurship and acting without full and fair consideration of the interests of consumers.”

What do you think – is fantasy football gambling? Has New York gone too far or should the genral public be protected?

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