How do you feel about male pattern baldness?


Given the choice, who would want to lose their hair, whether it’s male pattern baldness or alopecia etc. It can be very challenging dealing with the emotional aspect of losing your hair. The discovery of hair loss can be a very stressful experience for men. Through the course of history the attitude towards male baldness and receding hairlines has been very negative. I know in my own experience I was very grateful to David Beckham when he decided to shave off his blonde locks, shortly after most young men started to follow suit and the buzz cropped hairstyle is still very fashionable. Cheers Beckham 🙂

The start of a receding hairline can alter a person’s appearance drastically. Losing the hairline shifts the balance of the face to the forehead, which can result in an aged appearance.

Many studies have shown that the more profound the hair loss (alopecia, male pattern baldness) the more men are concerned with looking older. This affects all men but is more prominent in young men.

Another problem is how to style your thinning locks, comb over? (I saw a young man on the train the other day with a comb over I wish I’d had a Skalp business card to hand) How about some black theatrical make up applied to the scalp?

One of the foundations of self-esteem is your physical appearance, losing your hair (male pattern baldness) can really reduce a man’s self esteem.

Scalp micro pigmentation really is the best solution for a receding hairline, male pattern baldness

Make the call now. These guys look great it will change your life.




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