Fighting the hair loss battle: Shave it off!


Bald man checking his head in the mirror.

Fighting the hair loss battle: Shave it off!

Hair style trends and fashions come and go and at the moment guys can be only too glad that it’s fashionable to go bald. Anyone can suffer from hair loss and for a women it can be a truly distressing experience, but for guys thinning hair has been a bug bear since we started flinting rocks in caves.

…And time hasn’t really made things any easier. Never has men’s presentation been so important as it is now. Men are expected to preen and fashion themselves according to the latest trends. One great area of concern for so many men is thinning hair. How can you have thinning hair and still look super-cool?

Well, the fact is you do have to have all the other assets as well guys, but with the fashion scene as it is at the moment you don’t have to be thinking comb-overs and toupees here. The answer is so much easier than that. It just needs a leap of faith.

A leap of faith

Yes, history has been sprinkled with a plethora of hair loss treatments, masks and cures: wigs; toupees, hair transplants, drugs, spray on ink, hats…well its endless. But in the 21st century two driving trends have joined together to create a great solution for guys suffering from hair loss: the shaven head fashion and Scalp Micro Pigmentation.

The shaven head

First of all let’s take the shaven head. For a few decades now this has really come into its own as a great fashion statement. It is seen as a really masculine style giving men both high sex appeal and a youthful appearance. And the latter is interlinked with hair loss as people wrongly tend to associate this complaint with middle age.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a solution for hair loss which is applied to a shaven head. The practitioner tattoos a pigment on to the scalp which mimics the appearance of a full head of hair (which has been shaved). The pigment is skilfully matched to the hair colour and flesh colour while creating a hair line that is appropriate for the face shape. The finished product is a highly trendy “hairstyle” that completely masks any thinning hair or hair loss.

But that leap of faith is not always easy.

When a guy realises that he is starting to lose his hair the one thing he wants to do is keep it. This is when all the nonsense with comb-overs and silly hats starts Because society tends to shoo hair loss under the carpet it is not spoken about – the problem itself just gets worse.

Time to act

The first thing to do if you feel you are losing your hair is to track down why it is happening. Visit your GP and find out if it is an illness, hereditary, or due to lifestyle choices. There may well be a way to turn around that hair loss and either slow it down or completely stop it. But it may be that the news is not so good and it is likely to continue to get worse.

You now have an informed choice

Do nothing and carry on trying to escape the inevitable or take that leap of faith and shave it off! Join the in-crowd, regain your confidence and your life and probably look younger at the same time.

And while you are at it why not find out more about how Scalp Micro Pigmentation can make your new presentation even better!


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