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GP given suspended prison sentence after selling Finasteride on the internet illegally

A GP living in the UK has been suspended from his duties as a doctor and he has been given a four month suspended prison sentence as he was found guilty of peddling prescription only drugs for various conditions including male pattern baldness over the internet.

Southwark Crown Court heard that Raghbir Singh set up a website to sell over the counter drugs in 2011. Whereas at first the drugs he sold were legal, by June of that year he had started to sell dangerous and unauthorised medication. The compounds he sold all included Finasteride which as well as being a highly successful medication for treating hair loss it is also used to treat enlarged prostate glands, and urinary infections. Singh also sold a drug from India which was not licensed for use in the UK.

Side effects if not administered with guidance

The side effects from Finasteride, if it is not taken correctly or for the correct reasons, can include cold sweats, dizziness, rapid weight gain, and swelling to the face hands and feet. In extreme cases it can cause a bloody discharge from nipples and trigger birth defects if women are exposed to it during pregnancy.

Singh had his first confrontation with the authorities in 2013 when he was stopped at a London airport in possession with a large supply of illegal drugs. It was due to this he was suspended by the General Medical council.

Illegal activities continued

However, this did not stop him from further illegal online activities. Soon after the suspension he started a firm called He was caught when the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency) put in an order on the website for Finpecia pills. (Finpecia is the drug which is not registered in this country). A search that followed found huge quantities of Finasteride products in his home in West Sussex.

The GP pleaded guilty and the fact that he cooperated with investigators went in his favour. However, as well as being given a four month suspended sentence (suspended for eighteen months) he was also sentenced to be tagged between 8pm and 7am for a period of two months.

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