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I was over the moon after the first session and was actually a bit worried it wouldn’t look as good, I was that happy with it. Unless you got really close, you couldn’t tell it was dotty. After the redness, I was out shopping etc… And no-one batted an eyelid. I showed my dad and he couldn’t believe how real it looked.
So, I went for the second session, but I was in work the next day and was so paranoid as I have a customer facing job. I woke up next morning to find nearly all the redness and swelling had gone down, I was shocked! The 2nd session had made the big dots blend in and I was shocked. I went to work, still full of dread, but not one person noticed? It was still greasy off the cream, but I was just going to say it was moisturiser. This pic is the next night, after Itput a bit more moisturiser on

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