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Hi Mike. I took the week off work after the first treatment, just incase. I got mine done on a Friday, and by Saturday night, the redness had nearly all gone. By Monday, it looked that good, I went out in public. I was very paranoid though as from further than 2 foot away, it looked perfect. Being tall, it wasn’t an issue haha not one person gave me a second look though, at all and trust me, I was watching. It did look quite dotty up close, but the practioner said everyone goes through these worries and just wait for the 2nd treatment, it’s so much better. After the 2nd treatment, I had work the next day, as my boss just couldn’t give me any more time off. When I left late that night, my heart was in my mouth, it was red raw and I stayed awake for ages, worrying. By the next morning, it had healed so much quicker than the first and I toddled off to work, just worrying whether anyone would ask why my head was greasy haha no-one gave me a 2nd look again. Depending on your job, I would say 2-3 days after the first session, and 1-2 days after the second. It is an emotional rollercoaster as you can’t really accept it when you look in the mirror at first. I couldn’t recommend this treatment enough though. I did get scared beforehand about how genuine it would look, and I was a wreck when I first went in, just repeating over and over ‘just make it look authentic as possible’, but I swear, the practioner was a legend. He had the treatment, he’s been in your position, and he had the perfect answer to everything. I seriously wish I knew about this treatment years ago.

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