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No problem at all Michael! Leading up to my decision and treatment, I must of spent most of everyday researching as much as I could. I became a little obsessed. It seemed to good to be true? I couldn’t find enough answers to my questions and it irritated me, so I’m happy to answer anything for you. My stubble shaver is nowhere near as close as a wet shave or and electric face shaver, but it works for me and I can go 2 days without feeling a bit dodgy about the hair on the sides being longer. I guess it just becomes magnified to us, as we are paranoid about it. My final treatment is near the end of April and I can’t wait. I honestly believe it’s more or less sorted now, as I’m happy with it, but Marcin assured me the 3rd one will blow me away. It’s like the finishing touch. Good look on your meeting. Marcin was amazing with me, and still is now! Couldn’t of asked for a better practioner.

Hi Connor! I know your pain mate. I was trying to talk myself out of getting it, but kept getting pulled back towards it, hoping it was the real deal… Then I just thought, sod it, I’m already bald, what’s the issue- best thing I’ve done! I’ve not really noticed any shine really? Some people recommend that you put a matt moisturiser on, but I haven’t. I’ll be honest, I don’t put moisturiser on it every day though. Everyone’s skin is different I guess? Up to now, I havent noticed any down sides to this treatment at all, besides giving the gym a miss for a bit?

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