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These pics were taken, sat halfway out my car. The sun was quite bright, so I couldn’t do it properly. I hope they give an idea of how it looks in daylight. No-one has given my head a second look still? I’m made up!

MichaelH, I’m nearly 35. I too had this thought, but the fact I can live the rest of my youth looking the way I want to, far outweighs the drawbacks, if there is any? I’m not concerned how it will look in my 60s, as people will be used to me then anyway. I’ll worry about it when I’m older, and if it hasn’t completely faded by then or I don’t like it anymore, I’ll lazer it. Obvs, it’s a big big decision for you and I nearly got upset making it myself, but I don’t regret a thing now and only wish I had found it years ago. One of my mates keeps laughing, and saying he can’t believe it’s not hair, and I still haven’t had my 3rd session yet! Overall, I’m over the moon and would happily recommend anyone to get it, if only for my rise in confidence and how I feel when I look in the mirror. It sounds stupid, but its literally changed so much for me, for the better! Never thought I would say that? Haha

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