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I love this Michael. You were one of the videos I watched a couple of times that made me finally go and get mine done. I had treatment 1 this week and next week is No. 2.

Like you I was getting in a bit of a panic with all sorts of answers to come out with if anyone said anything. But it all carried on as normal. Haha. I even went out Thurs night (1st treatment was done Tues) and my mate not said a thing. Which is exactly how I want it. And I was on a high all night with just different nice compliments and smiles and out of the blue “you look good”. Just nice stuff it was.

My answer is should anyone ever notice a major difference over this next couple of weeks is “yea it’s always been there you just not noticed that’s all as I BIC shave my head usually” !!

So glad I have started this process off and my practitioner is absolutely brilliant and an honest reassuring guy.

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