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I’m made up my thread is helping people! One of my mates is about to book a consultation. He’s been waiting till he gets some leave from the forces, he can’t wait for it.
You’ve had an amazing treatment Leonan! Yours looks so real!
I wouldn’t say it hurt Tdogg. It’s more of an irritation. I sat through 7hrs for one of my treatments, no problem. I was obviously tired at the end, but it’s nowhere near as painful as a normal tattoo.
The more time you sit on the fence, the more time you go through your life having to look at someone in the mirror that you don’t like. My family and friends have seen the change in me since this treatment, and like I’ve said before, I cannot recommend it enough. I was scared beforehand it wouldn’t suit me, or it was too good to be true, like most things, but just look at my pics and of the other guys on here. Get it done and start liking yourself again!

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