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Hi Shayne,
I can not believe you booked it so far in advance???? (unless you are saving up for it?). I really do think that you shall drive yourself mad over this next twelve weeks!!! Honestly, if anyone notices and comments, you can have some answers prepared – “I’ve stopped wet shaving it every morning and am using a beard trimmer instead – what do you think?” or be honest, but you dont have to go into detail “I’ve had a treatment – what do you think?’
There shall not be a single person who says it looks shite! The reactions shall be positive, trust me!
It is so realistic you’ll forget you are bald! I see it no differently from a women having a boob job or even someone losing a load of weight and hitting the gym.
You’ll be surprised just how uninterested people are if they do notice and comment at all!!!!! I shaved my beard off (not to co-incide with the treatment, just did it), more people commented on that then my SMP!
Have think about bringing it forward, Dean is really good, I went out socially right after treatment 1 & 2, no problems at all! (treatment 3 is not noticable at all to anyone but you and your practitioner)

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