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Passing by to share my experience with Antonio in London.
I now have done my second session and couldn’t be more happier.
Still have a third session to come in 4 weeks time and can’t wait to do it.
To be honest my head looks already amazing after the 2 sessions.
I forgot how I looked like with a full ” shaved” head because I have been bold for too long and always had a hat on.
Today I spent the whole day without wearing one, Antonio is gone be proud of me, Lol.
Thanks Antonio, you have done an amazing job and finally can feel proper sun warmth onto my head.
I am happy with everything that happened till now and look forward to complete the treatment.
To close this long post I would like to reiterate the great job that Antonio has done and also the confidence and knowledge that transpires when he explains what he is doing and why.
Will upload pics after the third one for the wow effect, Lol.
Thanks Again,

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