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Thanks Coconuthead, Ive had a look at your treatment and it looks good!
I guess (like many considering the treatment) Im mainly trying to avoid it looking unnatural. Im far less worried about fading, needing touch-ups etc than I am about getting a soft, natural hairline and good colour/ blend.
When I Google images of SMP, Im always more drawn to the ones that look lighter/ more closely cropped- even if it means the guy still looks like he may have a little bit of thinning/ receeding (if that makes sense?).
The more I hear about these two guys, the more I feel like I should just let them do their thing. I do want to draw my own hairline on though as I have a crease when I wrinkle my brow where it seems obvious to me the hairline should go.
Ill make sure they know they are free to adjust it as they see fit, as I have alot of respect for their artistry/ expertise!

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